Posted on: October 16, 2008 11:09 pm

Thursday, October 16th

Who GOT the MEMO:

After watching NC State knock off upstart ECU, and play BC down to the wire, Bobby Bowden got the memo and made sure his 'Noles were prepared before coming to Raleigh. Although it was still a close game, FSU is not the powerhouse they used to be and with the obvious problems they still have on both offense and defense, a blowout was not expected. FSU's special teams, at least, are looking pretty good, especially with FSU kicker Gano nailing a 52 yard field goal in the last 2 minutes to seal the win. Talk about a pressure kick!



For once, ESPN rightly put BYU on upset alert. Unfortunately for the Cougars, coach Mendenhall must not have been watching. The Horned Frogs came out firing on all cylinders. TCU's offense made BYU's defense look utterly pitiful. The Horned Frog D, although it had it share of mistakes, still managed to hold the cougars to 7 points...a feat no team this season has managed to accomplish. If BYU thinks it's going to lose only a few spots with this loss...then they are sorely mistaken. Before this game, TCU was ranked 24th in the coaches, while the Cougars were ranked 8th. Look for BYU to move waaaayyyyy back...possibly even to TCU's 24th spot...while TCU should jump up a few spots to the high teens.

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